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Investment Prize of the Year CelluBOR Insulation

CelluBOR thermal, acoustic and fire retardant materials and CelluMAK insulation spraying machines, which are the application systems for these insulation materials, have been manufactured in series since 2005. In our production plant, which was awarded the annual investment prize in 2006, thousands of tons of waste paper are converted each year into qualified and natural insulation materials that contribute to the environment and the economy. In our factory, we produce according to the quality standards of ETA, ACERMI and ISO 9001: 2015. Our production line is based on an automation system and has an annual production volume of 500,000 m3. Taking into account that universities, accredited laboratories, and all necessary tests are carefully carried out in our factory. The maximum contribution to the ecological system is achieved through efficient and low energy consumption in production. Compared to the energy consumption in the production of mineral wool, CelluBOR has about 20 times lower energy consumption. The production lines, which were put into operation in 2005 and 2007, rank in the world in terms of capacity and technology. Our factory was redesigned from 2016 to 2017 to meet the latest World Environmental Health and Safety requirements. As a European company, CelluSWISS has the advantage of meeting European standards (such as ACERMI and ETA qualifications) and also logistical advantages of producing in the heart of Europe.


Research and Development

CelluBOR has continued its research and development activities since the day it was founded, aware that it is the investment in knowledge and technology that allows it to always offer good products to its customers. Analyses and controls to standardize the quality of the manufactured products are consistently carried out. Technical experts and researchers from different disciplines work in our Research and Development Centre. In the laboratory, the thickness and length of the fibers are analyzed by weight and the compounds that form the fibers from different border derivatives are studied. The production data and time are printed on each package produced in our factory.

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Our R & D Centre focuses on new product development and existing product improvement, energy efficiency, spraying machine simulation-modelling-design and environmental technologies. R&D Centre; adds value to the products by improving the technical and economical alternatives to the raw materials, chemicals and additives used in production, monitoring developments in competitor products, developing products suitable for customer preferences, making production operation more efficient, developing special products, cooperating with universities, public institutions and other private sector organizations to meet customer requests for products, providing various tests, analysis and definitions for new products, providing services, domestic technology and 'know-how' development. Our R&D center focuses on new product development and improvement of existing products, energy efficiency, simulation, modelling, and design of spraying machines and environmental technologies. The R&D Centre adds value to products by improving technical and economic alternatives to raw materials, chemicals, and additives used in production, monitoring developments in competitor products, developing products to meet customer needs, making production processes more efficient, developing specialist products, working with universities, public bodies and other private sector organizations to meet customer product needs, carrying out various tests, analyses and definitions for new products, providing services, developing indigenous technology and 'know-how.


Spraying Machines Simulation-Modeling-Design

Within the context of the simulation and modelling activities of CelluMAK machines, work is being carried out in fields such as product improvement, appropriate process selection, energy-saving, and productivity. For this purpose, simulations of various types of equipment such as electric panels, pumps, fans, air locks, spray guns, and the adaptation of the adhesive-spray system are being carried out.


Energy efficiency in production

Energy Efficiency

One of the most important contributions to economic and social development is the concept of energy efficiency, which is also of great importance to CelluBOR. The fact that our company wants to increase its competitiveness in the market, the process of Kyoto commitments, the increased demand for energy, etc. make energy efficiency studies one of our indispensable facts. From here, CelluBOR carries out activities to monitor and evaluate the total energy consumption, correct inadequacies and increase energy efficiency.


Environment and Waste Management Technologies

CelluBor’s environmental philosophy, one of the basic principles of sustainable development, is to work on the development of environmentally friendly products and technologies, as well as on all activities. This includes contributions to activities such as recycling of waste and plain paper, reduction of tree felling, life cycle studies and development of environmental processes, and recycling of waste.

environmental waste recovery


Customer and Solution Focused Activities

In line with its philosophy of customer focus, with its strong infrastructure and professional human resources, CelluBOR strives to provide functional solutions to its customers and solution partners and to address their insulation needs. We provide the optimum solution as per the national and international standards.





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