CelluBOR; Natural Solution For Insulation

Investment Prize of the Year CelluBOR Insulation

CelluBOR, the first product that comes to mind when talking about organic and natural insulation materials, has found millions of m2 in countless projects from its first production to the present day.

We realize hundreds of projects every year, developing specific details for each project to create a comfortable environment that does not harm human health.

We provide thermal insulation projects in accordance with the standards for thermal insulation of buildings. After the project, measurements are taken with a thermal imaging camera to verify productivity.

The required sound insulation measurements are achieved by performing the required sound measurements after application in demo environments of sound insulation projects. Thermal insulation and soundproofing projects are evaluated by experienced and knowledgeable staff; heat, sound, acoustics, and fire are processed and presented to project owners. The following steps are followed for the projects


Determination Of The Need For Isolation And The Method

Designs that form the basis of the insulation project, as well as the dimensions of the spaces, the relationships between them, and the type of insulation and method required.


Functional Planning And Conceptual Designs

In accordance with the functional design of the facility to be insulated, the thermal, sound and acoustic insulation compatible with the architectural, mechanical and electrical projects, the material detailing for fire and moisture control and the potential uses of CelluBOR are determined. Selection of materials for the construction program, cost, and duration are also explored.


Technical specifications

Technical specifications are created for CelluBOR application areas.


Exploration and Volume Studies

Explorations and quantity studies are prepared in accordance with the application projects.


Quality certifcations that we have obtained


CelluBOR applications