CelluBOR; natural solution for insulation

  1. Insulation in Cold Storage Depots

There are refrigerators and similar appliances in our homes and offices that can only protect our daily consumpted products. But the producers, the greenhouses, the farmers, the wholesalers and the markets that provide these energy sources, in fact, need bigger and more comprehensive coolers. CelluBOR offers fast, quality, lasting and economical solutions in the construction and air conditioning of these warehouses.

The interior is cooled by applying it to the inner base, inner side, inner ceiling of a normally constructed room without any extra additions. It keeps cold air at degrees of below zero and prevents any kind of food inside from deteriorating by protecting it from the heat. It has a low heat transfer coefficient and high heat capacity, which prevents heat transfer and ensures that desired ambient conditions are formed and protected. Thanks to its high efficiency it minimizes your energy costs and helps you at cost reduction. It does not have a heat and sound bridge because it does not have any joints. It is unlikely to encounter problems such as opening of joints, collapse, etc., in plate applications, and life is equivalent to building life.

CelluBor also acts as a natural moisture balancer with its breathable structure. CelluBOR has a natural and organic structure, it does not contain any harmful, carcinogenic substances. Thanks to the boron additives found in the structure, pests and rodents are not found in the structure and the results of the tests also show that the products is anti-bacterial. CelluBor can be easily applied to any surface.

CelluBOR Surface Hardener can be applied to exposed surfaces to reduce the risk of surface damage.

  • Thermal insulation and sound insulation in high efficiency
  • Low heat transfer (0.037 W / mK)
  • High heat capacity (1946 J / kgK)
  • 1,0 Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient
  • Natural and organic structure harmless to humans and the environment
  • Does not allow fungus and insect formation
  • Does not include heat and sound bridges
  • No sound up to 70 dB
  • Class A Sound Absorption
  • Quick and easy application
  • Long lifespan
  • Humidity compensator
  • Fire retardant
  • Breathable insulation
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-corrosive
  • High recycling rate
  • Exterior insulation
  • Interior thermal insulation
  • Thermal insulation in floors
  • Sound insulation on roof
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