CelluBOR; Natural Solution For Insulation

  1. Insulation in Prefabricated Construcitons
  2. Insulation in Prefabricated Construcitons
  3. Insulation in Prefabricated Construcitons
  4. Insulation in Prefabricated Construcitons
  5. Insulation in Prefabricated Construcitons
  6. Insulation in Prefabricated Construcitons

Although the prefabricated constructions are developed for meeting the needs arising in parallel with the rapid population growth, they have become preferred in industrial structures especially in terms of quality control and continuity of quality in the production of concrete and reinforced concrete elements. Such constructions offer considerable advantages in terms of time and cost.

Thermal and sound insulation is also very important in prefabricated buildings. CelluBOR natural cellulose wool offers high efficiency in energy conservation in prefabricated structures with low heat transfer and high heat capacity, and it offers you low cost air-conditioned areas. The weighted sound absorption coefficient of CelluBOR is 1.0 and it corresponds to the material in class A in sound insulation and acoustics. Up to 70 dB, along with the right details to be applied sound insulation is provided.

Thanks to its boron contribution, CelluBOR has fire retardant properties and no flaming, no smoke, no dripping. CelluBOR is anti-bacterial and has no harm to human and environmental health. It does not contain any carcinogenic substances. In CelluBOR, unwanted creatures such as pests and rodents can not be accommodated. When CelluBOR is used on the metal, it behaves as a natural moisture-vapor stabilizer and protects the surface of the structure against corrosion by discharging excess moisture out of the structure. Thanks to its breathable structure, it preserves the first performance of its building elements throughout its lifespan. CelluBOR application provides high efficiency insulation and as its result; using CelluBOR minimizes the existing cross-sections in prefabricated structures.

The insulation material applied with CelluMAK can be applied to prefabricated structure in two ways. It can be applied with adhesive or pneumatically as a filling without adhesive through a hole opening between the sections.

  • Thermal insulation and sound insulation in high efficiency

  • Low heat transfer (0.037 W / mK)

  • High heat capacity (1946 J / kgK)

  • 1,0 Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient

  • Natural and organic structure which is harmless to the environment

  • Does not allow fungus and insect formation

  • Does not include heat and sound bridges

  • No sound up to 70 dB

  • Class A Sound Absorption

  • Quick and easy application

  • Long lifespan

  • Humidity compensator

  • Fire retardant

  • Breathable insulation

  • Antibacterial

  • Anti-corrosive

  • High recycling rate

  • For the purpose of thermal insulation around light steel carrier profiles

  • Thermal insulation and sound insulation between walls

  • Thermal and sound insulation purposes in ceilings

  • For thermal and sound insulation between the roofs

  • For thermal and sound insulation on the floors

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