CelluBOR; Natural Solution For Insulation

  1. Insulation in Residences and Houses
  2. Insulation in Residences and Houses
  3. Insulation in Residences and Houses

Unlike traditional city and residential styles, new heating-cooling, sound and air pollution problems have arisen with the vertical architecture that has emerged to meet the needs of populated cities.

Because of the concentration in cities, traditional heating styles have been abandoned and new heating-cooling forms have emerged which are suitable for residential life. The most practical and lasting way to reduce air pollution and high energy costs in urban areas after the domination of cities by vertical architectural style is thermal insulation.

New noise factors that were not available in the past have entered the city and housing. New transportation vehicles and machines that were not available in the past cause new and intense noise pollution at different frequencies in streets. New sources of noise have emerged not only apart from housing, but also at the same time new devices that generate noise in the houses have entered our lives. For a more comfortable living space, sound insulation is needed to minimize the entry of noise from the outside and from the other houses to our homes.

CelluBOR is the great solution for both thermal insulation and sound insulation. With its high performance, it provides a permanent, monolithic, breathable and healthy solution by itself.

CelluBOR provides highly efficient in thermal insulation thanks to its low heat transfer coefficient and high heat capacity. Due to its breathable structure, it adjusts the humidity balance in the environment and provides easy climated conditioning of living spaces.

CelluBOR is preferred in the biggest residences projects due to its results in the inter-room sound insulation which is one of the most important issues in providing comfort in residences. In sound transmission and acoustics; CelluBOR cellulose wool absorbs the sound waves due to its irregular and fibrous structure. When used with the appropriate components and applied in appropriate thickness, the CelluBOR system has the ability to absorb sounds up to 70dB of noise. Acoustically the sound absorbing feature is perfect. Its sound absorption coefficient is 1.0 which corresponds to Class A. CelluBOR is preferred for big residence projects due to these features.

As a result of application by CelluBOR spraying method, the insulating surface is covered with monolithic insulating cover. Since there is no gap in the insulated surface, no thermal and sound bridge is formed in the application. In the case of preferred low density mineral wool, openings on the insulation surfaces are observed. Application faults such as opening, falling down and sagging are caused by faulty workmanship, gravity and high humidity and the insulation efficiency is considerably reduced. Due to the application method of the CelluBOR Spray, insulation efficiency maintains the initial values throughout the construction life. Furthermore, the insulation material is not damaged due to the fact that no anchorage is applied to the CelluBOR. Another advantage of the spraying method is the high application speed. In drywall systems, a single team can easily apply up to 400 m 2 a day. CelluBOR is also often preferred in roof insulation for residential projects.  

  • Thermal insulation and sound insulation in high efficiency

  • Low heat transfer (0.037 W / mK)

  • High heat capacity (1946 J / kgK)

  • No sound up to 70 dB

  • Class A Sound Absorption

  • 1,0 Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient

  • Does not include thermal and sound bridges

  • Quick and easy application

  • Long lifespan

  • Moisture balancer 

  • Fire retardant

  • Natural and organic structure harmless to humans and the environment

  • Breathable insulation

  • Antibacterial

  • Anti-corrosive

  • Does not allow fungus and insect formation

  • High recycling rate

  • Thermal and sound insulation under curtain wall panels

  • Sound insulation between gypsum boards in dry wall systems

  • Thermal and sound insulation on floors

  • Thermal and sound insulation under ceilings

  • Thermal and sound insulation for roofs 

  • Sound insulation of meeting rooms 

  • Sound insulation of conference rooms

  • Sound insulation and acoustic correction of cinema halls 

  • Sound insulation in places of entertainment

  • Sound insulation of indoor parking areas

  • Sound insulation of mechanical rooms

  • Sound insulation of generator rooms

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