CelluBOR; Natural Solution For Insulation

  1. Insulation in Wooden Buildings
  2. Insulation in Wooden Buildings
  3. Insulation in Wooden Buildings
  4. Insulation in Wooden Buildings
  5. Insulation in Wooden Buildings

CelluBOR in the literature known as boron added cellulose wool; it is a natural insulation product that provides thermal, sound and moisture insulation with high performance in single material. Cellulose in the structure of the material is obtained recycling of waste papers especially newspapers. Therefore, wood and CelluBOR in essence; they have the same content and are in perfect harmony with each other.

Completion of the production with insulation materials suitable for the breathable structure of the wood is very important in the establishment of the desired comfortable and healthy environment. Due to its natural and organic structure, CelluBOR offers comfortable and noise-free environments that can be easily air-conditioned even in wooden structures. With its high heat capacity, it prevents the outflow of air conditioned air to a high level, such as the desired temperature / coolness created in the structure. With a low heat transfer coefficient, it also provides the thermal insulation required for wood construction with high efficiency.

CelluBOR is a class A material in sound insulation, creating a perfect harmony with its natural and organic structure and wooden applications. Irregular and fibrous texture damps the sound waves. Providing insulation up to 70 dB in sound transmission, it provides peaceful and comfortable environments for those who prefer. CelluBOR is also very successful and efficient in acoustic behavior; the weighted sound absorption coefficient is 1.0 and the sound absorption class is A '.

Since CelluBOR is a wood-based thermal and sound insulation material, there is no harm to human beings and the environment. Thanks to the BOR contribution it has, CelluBOR gives the building the necessary fire resistance and improves the time needed to intervene and abandon work in undesirable situations. CelluBOR is an insulation material that does not flame on it, does not create any drips or smoke on the flame. No mushroom can spread inside. CelluBOR has also been accepted as an anti-bacterial product. Also no living things like rodents can spread in CelluBOR.

  • Thermal insulation and sound insulation in high efficiency
  • Low heat transfer (0.037 W / mK)
  • High heat capacity (1946 J / kgK)
  • 1,0 Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient
  • Natural and organic structure which is harmless to the environment
  • Does not allow fungus and insect formation
  • Does not include heat and sound bridges
  • No sound up to 70 dB
  • Class A Sound Absorption
  • Quick and easy application
  • Long lifespan
  • Humidity compensator
  • Fire retardant
  • Breathable insulation
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-corrosive
  • High recycling rate
  • Exterior thermal and sound insulation
  • Thermal and sound insulation of side walls
  • Thermal and sound insulation between two timbers
  • Thermal and sound insulation of ceilings
  • Thermal and sound insulation in floors
  • Rooftop pavement thermal and sound insulation
  • Underfloor thermal and sound insulation on the roof
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