CelluBOR; Natural Solution For Insulation

Investment Prize of the Year CelluBOR Insulation

AJWA Hotel Preferred CelluBOR for Cappadocia Project


Ajwa Hotel Cappadocia, which is the second hotel investment after 5 - star Ajwa Hotel opened in 2016 in Istanbul - Sultanahmet by Gülab Architecture is being built in Nevşehir - Ürgüp. Built in Kervansaray architecture, the ultra-luxurious hotel has 52 rooms.

Upon the success of the first project with high efficiency obtained and the comfort provided by means of Thermal and Sound insulation, CelluBOR was preferred by the investor for the second project.

In the project; CelluBOR Spray is preferred for sound insulation in partition walls and ceilings. Is CelluBOR; has a class A sound absorption coefficient with its irregular and fibrous structure and it reaches the comfort level desired by the guests.

CelluBOR is preferred as thermal insulation on the exterior facing surfaces. No thermal bridges are formed as a result of the monolithic insulation surface obtained after spraying. CelluBOR is preferred because of its low heat transfer coefficient and high heat capacity, without providing the desired thermal comfort in the project.