CelluBOR; Natural Solution For Insulation

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CelluBOR New Products!


CelluBOR is a highly efficient material for thermal and sound insulation, obtained from waste paper by special processes. Energy consumption during production and use is minimal and it does not affect the health of people or the environment. It does not rot and prevents corrosion and rust.


With the increasing value of ecological and natural insulation, CelluBOR has decided to expand its product range based on the success of its research and development processes. Instead of the pre-applied external adhesive, a special adhesive material for CelluBOR spray applications is now included in the production process to facilitate the application and maintenance of CelluMAK devices.


CelluBOR Acoustics


The use of acoustic material has increased dramatically in recent years due to advances in technology and public concern about noise and pollution. Acoustic material is a high quality soundproofing material because it is made entirely from natural materials and therefore the performance of the product remains constant throughout its lifetime. When an acoustic material is exposed to incident sound waves, the air molecules on the surface of the material and in the pores of the material are forced to vibrate and lose some of their original energy. This loss occurs because some of the energy is converted to heat due to thermal and viscous losses of the air molecules at the walls of the internal pores and tunnels in the material. At low frequencies these changes are isothermal, while at high frequencies they are adiabatic. Acoustic material is made from cellulose. Cellulose can be easily recycled and is a renewable resource, so it is environmentally friendly and harmless to humans due to its natural metrics. Cellulose-based materials, such as recycled newspapers, papers, etc., are commonly used to acoustically insulate ceilings, walls and difficult spaces in construction, reducing noise pollution.


CelluBOR 13 Surface Hardener


CSH-13 is a surface hardener manufactured by us after CelluBOR thermal and acoustic insulation products were supplied by the United States Air Force (USA Air force) and requested after much research and development. CSH-13 provides additional protection against physical damage to the surface of CelluBOR used in open areas. It has a different appearance and provides a different detail in terms of architectural aesthetics. In addition, the CSH-13 application surface can be painted any colour desired.