CelluBOR; natural solution for insulation

Investment Prize of the Year CelluBOR Insulation

CelluBOR New Products!


CelluBor is a highly efficient thermal insulation and sound insulation material obtained from boron mine processed recycled waste paper through special processes. Due to the fact that the melting point of boron is high, the material has high fire resistance. Energy consumption is minimal during the production and use and there is no harm to human and environment health. CelluBOR is not carcinogenic. It does not contain insects, it does not rot, it prevents corrosion and rusting.

CelluBOR, the rising value of ecological and natural insulation has decided to increase its product range on the basis of its success gained from its R & D processes. Instead of the pre-applied external adhesive, a special adhesive material for CelluBOR Spray applications is now included in the material content in the production process, facilitating the application and maintenance of the CelluMAK equipment.

High Fire Resistance

As a result of long R & D work period, a new product CelluBOR Extra Fire Retardant, a high fire resistant thermal insulation and sound insulation product was made. CelluBOR Fire Retardant, which will delay the possible loss of strength in the event of possible fire of building elements, which can provide sufficient time for unintentional fire situations, rescue operations to be carried out at the scene of the incident and the necessity to leave the scene, continues to be a high yield in heat and sound insulation.

CelluBOR 13 Surface Hardener

CSH-13 is a surface hardener produced by us after the CelluBOR thermal insulation and sound insulation products were supplied by the USA Air Force (USA Airforce) and after many R & D activities requested. CSH-13; provides extra protection against physical damage to the surface of CelluBOR which is applied in open areas. It has a different image that it possesses and provides a different detail in terms of architectural aesthetics. In addition, CSH-13 application surface can be painted in any color desired.