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Sound Insulation Regulations


Design, construction and use for the provision of good hearing and detection conditions that will minimize the negative effects of noise, people's peace and tranquility, physical and mental health caused by people outside, inside or outside buildings during the operation and use of all kinds of buildings, buildings and facilities , "Regulation on Protection Against Noise from Buildings" prepared with the aim of determining the rules to be complied within respect of maintenance and operation is valid from 31 May 2017 after it was published on the Official Gazete.

The Regulation also provides; industrial, construction and human-caused noises exposed to people in interior spaces in all types of public and private buildings, buildings, facilities and businesses to be built in and outside the borders of the municipality and the controversial area, sounds, mechanical systems and service equipment, as well as the fundamental rules for the control of the mechanical vibrations emitted from the devices.

In the case of existing buildings and facilities which are intended to be partially or totally replaced for the purpose of use after the validity of this Regulation in the construction of new buildings, the principles stipulated in this Regulation shall be taken into consideration in the major modification projects.

If the projects do not comply with the requirements stipulated in this Regulation, in terms of measures against noise, besides other legal regulations, the building license is not granted. In case of new buildings or independent units of the building or the building that are intended for use with project modification are found not to be constructed in accordance with the principles stipulated in this Regulation, permission to use buildings shall not be issued until such deficiencies are eliminated.

Sound insulation and acoustical projects of buildings targeting public buildings such as buildings, concert halls and recreational halls where public outdoor spaces are used and which require special acoustical design are prepared by building acoustics specialists separately from architectural and installation projects. An acoustic performance certificate is issued for buildings of class A or B acoustic performance.

Please click to have detailed information in the regulation on the protection of buildings against noise; purpose, scope, basis and definitions, general principles, noise and insulation indicators and applications to be used, limit values for acoustic performance classes in buildings, sound insulation application process and insulation rules, installation and service equipment noise control measures, expertise, evaluation, tests and reporting , audit and documentation and the final provisions section.