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CelluBOR Adherence Enhancing Primer

CelluBOR Adherence Enhancing Primer

Used as a multi-purpose adherence enhancing primer for absorbent and impermeable surfaces. As CelluBOR is used to increase the adherence of the surface to be sprayed; It is also used in cement based screeds, calcium sulphate screeds, mastic asphalt screeds, leveling screeds, concrete floors, stone floors, wooden floors, plaster floors and ceramic floors. Coating materials can be used as a primer before being glued using dispersant or polyurethane based adhesives.

  • Density: 1.05 gr / cm3 3
  • Drying time: at least 1 hour before application of CelluBOR
  • Approximately 30 minutes for cementitious surfaces and impermeable surfaces
  • Calcium sulphate, for wood surfaces at least 2 hours before direct bonding
  • If solvent-based and dispersion adhesive is used on absorbent surfaces, about 2 hours
  • Approximately 12 hours if polyurethane adhesive is used
  • After curing, it lasts up to 500C
  • Fast build
  • It has high coverage and concentration
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Suitable for use under wood veneer

The surface must be clean, dry, free from cracks, solid and carrier, free from dust, grease and debris. Calcium sulphate, tiles, natural stone, terrazzo, wooden surfaces should be sanded and cleaned by vacuum cleaning machines. The material should be mixed well before use. On absorbent surfaces, the material is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 4 and applied by roller. Porous and very absorbent surfaces may require application of a second coat primer after first coat has dried. On concrete surfaces and impermeable surfaces, the material is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1 and applied by roller. Care should be taken to ensure that the material is properly fed and that no pools of water occur during the application. It is important to observe the drying times given in the technical specifications in case of direct coating on the material. The product differs depending on the absorbency of the dry surface and the relative humidity. When the drying time is shortened at high temperature and low relative humidity, it increases at low temperature and high relative humidity. It should not be used under the elastic wood coating adhesives. The application should not be applied when the soil temperature is 150C and the soil moisture is higher than 75%. Any substance other than clean water should not be used to dilute the product.

  • Cement based screeds, calcium sulphate screeds, about 150-200 gr / m 2 leveling screed = 30-40 gr / m2 (diluted 1: 4)
  • Concrete floors Approximately 300 gr / m 2 = 150 gr / m 2 (1: 1 dilution) Consumption on impermeable surfaces
  • Stone and ceramic surfaces, mastic asphalt screeds, wooden floors of about 50-100 gr / m 2 / sup> 2 = 25-50 gr / m 2 PACKAGING 10 kg plastic drum RAF LIFE Cool and 12 months from date of production in dry environment.