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CelluBOR Surface Hardener - 13

CelluBOR 13 Surface Hardaner

The application of CelluBOR Surface Hardener (CSH-13) increases the hardness of the CelluBOR insulation material in the applied surface and provides additional precautions against potential physical damage. Thanks to the application of CelluBOR Surface Hardener, the service life of the insulation material and the insulation surfaces of the lower layers can be significantly extended and a different appearance is also provided for the aesthetic purpose. With CSH-13, the cumulative sound absorption loss that can occur throughout the CelluBOR application system is negligible.

Insulated surfaces in open public spaces are not protected from physical damage caused by other possibilities such as people, machinery, and even birds. The application of CelluBOR-13 Surface Hardener (CSH-13) will increase the hardness of the surface to protect it from potential physical damage. With this application, the insulating material and surfaces become durable and the surface acquires an aesthetic aspect.

Coating with CSH-13 protects the surface of the insulation from all types of industrial contaminants such as dust, dirt, oil, and smoke. After applying CSH-13, more solid insulation is obtained; the pollution that can occur can be significantly reduced. The surface treated with CSH-13 can therefore be easily cleaned with a soft broom, compressed air, or a wipe.

The application of CSH-13 gives the surface a high reflectivity and makes the interior look brighter. The reflection of light improves working conditions and safety at work without the need for additional electric lighting.

CSH-13 provides a protective layer for fibrous surfaces without significantly affecting the acoustic performance of the underlying material. Since the results of the tests of CelluBOR with CSH-13 applied to show that the acoustic performance of CelluBOR is not affected by CSH-13 applied, they are considered equivalent.

CelluBOR Surface Hardener CSH-13; has a flame spread rating of Class 1 and A per ASTM E-84.

CelluBOR, which has a fibrous or porous material structure, requires a significantly higher ink consumption without CSH-13 and does not fully reproduce the desired color. Thanks to CSH-13, it is possible to produce the desired color with less ink consumption on the surface. The standard color of CSH-13 is ice white. Desired orders can be produced with special orders. You can also use water-based paint afterward.

CelluBOR Surface Hardener - 13