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CelluMAK A900

CelluMAK application systems

Insulation blowing machines separate the compressed cellulose wool fibres which come in bales, and blow them though the conveyor hose using airflow to the desired location.

The CelluMak A900 is suitable for open blowing, dry injection, cavity insulation and wet spraying methods. Wet spraying requires additional equipment, consisting of a high pressure glue pump, a spray head and high pressure connection hoses.

The CelluMak A900 insulation blower is able to process 950kg cellulose fibres per hour. The peak performance may vary with different fibres.

The CelluMAK A900 system can be easily deployed in the construction environments with its movable wheels. It is powered by a singel 16A electrical line.

The CelluMAK A900 System is a ready-to-use application system that includes all accessories for open and dry blowing. It comes with a standard size of 25m conveyor hose. It is also fitted with a wireles remote control system with a range of approximately 60m.

For wet spraying, required glue pump assembly  and spray heads can be also obtained from CelluMAK.

The CelluMAK A900 injection blowing machine is specifically designed to meet the demand of European countries for high performance in laying and filling injection processes, and shows full CE compliance. The CelluMAK A900 model can blow 950 kgs of cellulose fiber per hour. Different types of fibre may impact the maximum capacity.

Application capaticy (Cellulose)

950 kg/h


296 I

Diameter of injection hose


Overall size (L x W x H)

83cm x 84cm x 141cm

Empty weight


Control options

manual / remote

Fan control(%)

0-100%  proportional adjustable

Fan type

2 x 1 kW 3-stage radial blower

Main drive

1.5 kW

Overall energy consumption

3.5 kW

Electrical connection

230V / 50Hz / 16A

Operating temperature