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Investment Prize of the Year CelluBOR Insulation

CelluMAK Application Systems

CelluMAK is an branch of CelluBOR, offering application machines for wool-type insulation materials. We offer cost effective and reliable solutions for open blowing, cavity filling, dry injection and wet spray application. 

The pressed CelluBOR cellulose is made up of a unit that pumps water to the air and expels the main engine and water pumping unit. The CelluBOR is blown with a hose and is sprayed on the desired surface by combining with water in the gun located at the end of the hose. The CelluMAK-150 is the standard spraying machine because it has high mobility and can be used comfortably in any kind of construction site.

CelluMAK CM-150 system; the main cellulose machine and electrical panel, water reservoir, pump, filter and hose, electrical control unit and cables, spray gun, filter and nozzle.

The CelluMAK CM-1000 cellulose spraying machine is a specially manufactured model in Europe to meet the need for very high performance in pouring and filling methods. The CelluMAK-1000 model can transfer 1.000 kgs of CelluBOR cellulose fiber horizontally and vertically in an hour.

CelluMAK CM-1000 model; the main machinery and electric panel, the cellulose spray hose, the electric control unit and the cables. We also provide the electric control unit with the remote control option.

This model is manufactured in accordance with CE quality standards like other models.

It is designed for grinding excess material applied between wall slings. The surface thickness differences that can occur in the CelluBOR applied to the area between the two reference surfaces are smoothed out.

The CelluMAK A900, which separates the compressed cellulose wool fibres and blows them using the airflow supplied by the double fan, forms a system with the main machine on which the glue pump unit can also be installed separately as an accessory.

The CelluMAK A900 system can be easily deployed in the construction environment with its movable wheels.