CelluBOR; natural solution for insulation

Investment Prize of the Year CelluBOR Insulation

Projects are explored by our expert teams before the application, and possible errors are minimized before the application starts. Our method of application, which completely covers the building with a single insulation covering and does not create a heat and sound bridge, is based on high productivity.

Applications; our insulation projects are carefully applied by our expert and experienced teams. Also; Our CelluMAK application units are manufactured and exported by our company with CE certification.

CelluBOR is suitable for all types of surfaces; plasterboard, reinforced concrete, wood, steel and other similar surfaces. It can be applied in desired density and thickness by spraying method and also it can be easily applied on discontinuous (recessed-protruding) and inclined surfaces.

Thanks to its breathable structure it does not absorb moisture and protects metal surfaces from corrosion. Our method, which is very advantageous in terms of implementation speed and simplicity, saves a lot of time for project owners.

Spray and Filling Applications

Spray applications are applied on interior and exterior walls, fences, basement and basement walls, prefabricated structures, cathedral interiors and industrial roofs. Ceiling-to-floor insulation in commercial buildings is necessary for sound control between the upholstery. It provides the noise of the wall and the roof construction.

spray fill application

pouring application

pouring applications

The pouring method can be applied between the two spaces formed between the two walls, between the floor and the attic on the floor. It is preferred with excellent performance values when compared to mineral wool insulators applied in the form of padding. With its high density and perfect compatibility, CelluBOR is the right solution to maximize thermal efficiency by reducing heat dissipation in ceiling and floor air leaks. In all angles and configurations CelluBOR is applied by pouring, injection or spraying with manual casting or special application machinery.

Quality certifcations that we have obtained

CelluBOR Application Areas

In the buildings, concrete-based materials, glass, aluminum, granite and so on are sprayed from the outside. In the form of spraying and filling under the coating on the inner surfaces of the buildings. Spraying, laying or pouring in the building roof. Filling between two bricks. In steel construction buildings, the building structure protects against fire. Metal roofs and facades. In cold storages At the animal farms. Sound insulation is required in mosques, concert halls, cinemas, conference rooms, meeting rooms, schools, factories, workshops, industrial facilities and other public spaces, as well as in areas requiring high level sound insulation. In technical installations on roofs and walls in industrial installations. On ships, wagons and containers on the outside. Insulation is the most important part of the technical infrastructure that hotels and motels can not ignore while providing services for meeting, entertainment and sports complexes and similar facilities. In all industrial building roofs, whatever the floor, concrete dorsal, eternite, sheet, membrane etc. provides excellent adhesion to all kinds of materials.

CelluBOR Applications