CelluBOR; Natural Solution For Insulation

  1. Insulation in Industrial Facilities
  2. Insulation in Industrial Facilities
  3. Insulation in Industrial Facilities
  4. Insulation in Industrial Facilities
  5. Insulation in Industrial Facilities
  6. Insulation in Industrial Facilities
  7. Insulation in Industrial Facilities
  8. Insulation in Industrial Facilities
  9. Insulation in Industrial Facilities
  10. Insulation in Industrial Facilities
  11. Insulation in Industrial Facilities

Today, the energy demand is constantly increasing, and accordingly, new resources must be constantly found to meet the demands. The rate of 30-40% of total energy consumption is in the industrial plants and industrial enterprises. Increasing energy demand and energy prices of industrial plants are directly affecting operating costs. One of the most effective precaution to be taken in this area is to increase energy efficiency with the right insulation solutions.

The most effective method of saving energy in industrial facilities is insulation. Conforming to the standards of thermal insulation in a correct way will decrease the operating costs and will increase the efficiency and attention of the staff working in suitable conditions. In addition, the industrial facility that will save on energy costs will have a more competitive edge.

Sound insulation is also very important for industrial installations. Working in a loud environments reveals undesirable effects such as distractibility and work accidents. It is undesirable situation for the sound produced by machines to return to the environment as ringing and reverberation. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to use sound absorber insulation materials.

  • Cellulose wool; thermal and sound insulation provides energy saving in the most efficient way with one material.

  • It does not contain joints due to spraying of the application method.

  • It is an insulation application that does not create a thermal and sound bridge.

  • It can be applied quickly and easily to any kind of surface.

  • CelluBOR Heat Conduction Coefficient: 0.037 W / m.K.

  • It maintains the climate conditions for a long time with its high heat capacity.

  • It has class A sound absorption class owing to its irregular and fibrous texture.

  • Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient: 1.0 with the best sound insulation materials.

  • CelluBOR reduces the ringing and echoes that can occur in factories to provide a more comfortable working environment.

  • No flame can move on it, no smoke or dripping on the flame occurs.

  • Anti-corrosive.

  • Organic, natural breathing structure creates a healthy environment and is not affected by moisture.

  • It does not contain any substances harmful to human and environmental health.

  • It is anti-bacterial in which pests and rodents can not survive.

  • Technical specifications and dimensions do not change over time.

  • Thermal and sound insulation under the factory roof

  • Thermal and sound insulation of factory side walls

  • In-house special sound insulation

  • In offices' sound insulation of partition walls (in dry wall systems)

  • Sound insulation of meeting rooms

  • Sound insulation of mechanical rooms

  • Sound insulation of generator rooms

  • In vaulting thermal and sound insulation

  • Sound insulation of parking garage roofs

  • Thermal and sound insulation of warehouses

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